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“Assa! (아싸, pronounced ah-ssa),” which is generally translated to pretty much the same thing (Naver’s online dictionary helpfully translates it as “Yesssss!”). Assa is generally used at the beginning of a sentence to express excitement or enthusiasm for something.


To bring back the K-POP fan culture during the COVID-19 pandemic.

tHE insight

Communication between the fan and the idol is key to K-POP fan culture.

tHE solution

Create an app that allows fans to keep up with their favourite k-pop group/idol.

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‘Assa!’ is a media streaming platform that allows K-POP fans around the world the ability to interact with their bias (favourite K-POP idol) through live streams, live concerts and meet and greets via. video call. The app allows fans to create chat rooms that idols could join. Assa! will become home to idols who wish to become closer to their fans during the pandemic.

tHE brand

I have branded Assa! in this way because it shows off the joyfulness of the stage that K-POP idols experience and the play button represents the people from around the world who watch their favourite idols.

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Symbolises the stage which K-POP idols love to perform on.

Fans can watch the videos anytime and anywhere after upload.

Symbolises happiness of when a concert is nearing its end.

A streaming service where fans can watch their bias happily.

tHE app

The App is a place where idols are able to do live streams, live concerts, meet and greets, idol messages and fans can create chat rooms which idols could join.

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