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INSPIRED BY THE O2, Created by ravensbourne


To create a series of 10 second videos promoting the experiences at the O2 Arena.

tHE insight

The most memorable experiences isn't always the obvious.

tHE concept

Depict the small moments that make up a great night out through animation.



Our inspiration came from the idea of not all great experiences doesn't have to be so obvious. Simple things could make a great night. With this in mind we created three animations and came up with three characters. 

tHE copy

The idea 'More Than Just A..." is a series of copy that can be changed depending on the narratives you want to tell.

tHE characters

More Than Just A Song:

It’s not just a song. It’s an anthem, a #mooood. When the song comes on, it no longer matters where you are or what you’re doing, THIS is your moment.

More Than Just A Costume:

That costume allows you to be transported into your own world. Your night out is not just another comic book convention or Country Music Fest. You’re the star of the music video, you’re living in your own story tonight.

More Than Just A Ticket: 

The anticipation, excitement and satisfaction after just booking your ticket can add so much to the memorable concert experience.

tHE aftermath

Our work was shown on the big screens outside The O2, and it felt surreal to experience this moment for the first time.



Copy Writer / Video Editor: Czarina Ubasa

Art Director / Animator: Pasiri Akkarasawart