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To increase the amount of time a person dedicates themelves into reading.

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Fans have always created as a way to show their adoration.


Penguin creates a newspaper called ‘The Huddle’ containing articles from Penguin published books written in present tense.


‘The Huddle’ is a creative hub where writers and readers are able to connect with each other through books. Readers are able to share their favourite articles they find on ‘The Huddle’ newspaper and app through social media, and writers are able to have to chance to write articles about their favourite books and upload their present tense reenactments of that book on the app.

tHE huddle newspaper

The newspaper contains powerful headlines that are eye-catching at first glance. These headlines will have something to do with what the book is about. The newspaper could be FREE in tube stations or could be sent to Penguin House Readers.

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tHE huddle app

The app is a product that gives the writers and readers the ability to read articles written by other people who have not been featured in the newspaper. The app becomes the hub where people can dedicate more time into reading. People are also able to submit their own written articles and readers can guess what the book is.

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Penguin will promote the different headlines people are creating and this will create buzz with people trying to guess who the article is about through the headline.

The Huddle Insta Post
The Huddle Insta Post
The Huddle Insta Post
The Huddle Insta Post